Autotygr is a start up which is developed with a clear focus of providing Service in the Auto Check-up field via App or website. The brand promise for Autotygr is complete care for your car on one platform. Be it service by authorised centers, online facilitation of estimates & payments, or genuine spares. Autotygr offers them and a lot more with expert advice and of course, the best possible deals. All at your convenience, anytime & anywhere.

The keywords that defines Autotygr and shapes the brand: Efficient, Professional, Trustworthy, Knowledgeable and Fast.

This project is in collaboration with Mrs.Madhumita Nandi Shrivastav. She is a designer, an architect, a teacher who teaches art & design and a wonderful person to work with.

The Autotygr pneumonic /logo symbol derives its form from the steering wheel. It immediately establishes the function of the app as “being for the car” and brings to attention the unique brand value of “service on the go”. The Pnuemonic is the tiger who is the face of the brand – the friend and guide whom one turns to for advice, solution and information for anything related to car buying, care and maintenance. The logotype combines bold and sharp angular type with the circular form of the O’s that echoes the pneumonic. The brand colours are contemporary,
professional and energetic. It encapsulates all the values that Autotygr represents.