Sarika Bajoria Unlimited is an architecture, urban design, interior design and styling, and branding practice in New York City founded by award winning architect and designer Sarika Bajoria. They design to transcend the limitations of the program and create a dynamic vision unique to every project. Their projects embody clarity of vision, graceful organic forms and impactful design with an unparalleled sense of possibility.
“For whom limitless imagination is possible, anything is possible”. This is the domain they design in.

Sarika Bajoria Unlimited Logo symbol is evolved from infinite sign placed horizontally & vertically which illustrates limitless possibilities and unending approach. The Coma gives a sense of consistent existence and progress which never ends. Inspired from Buddhist Art, Brand Colour reflects the union of bliss & emptiness which is very auspicious in buddhism.

This project is in collaboration with Mrs.Madhumita Nandi Shrivastav. She is a designer, an architect, a teacher who teaches art & design and a wonderful person to work with.