‘Shikara So Sundar’ is my personal project. Long back I had gone for 10 days trip to Kashmir with my best friend. How much ever clichéd it sounds but I must say it was trip to Heaven! From snow capped mountains to beautiful lake to tasty Saffron Kahwa Tea. You must experience the wonder of nature before you are on bed forever.

On 2nd day of our tour, we had delightful stay in wooden carved Houseboat on Dal Lake, Shrinagar. There I witnessed traditional boat of Dal lake, Shikara. You have to sit in Shikara to take a tour of Floating Garden, Floating Flower and Market of Vegetables which is also made on Lake. You will see each and every Shikara on Lake with decorated interiors, Colorful Curtains and some even offer soft cushions and bed for comfort. Owners of Shikara have named their boat in an interesting way to attract attention of customers for tour. It was amazing how each shikara was named keeping world’s best place or things in mind. In the end, it should sound different and grab people’s attention. I was one of them. Lot of name boards of Shikaras were hand painted but it got old keeping for many years. This project is tiny tribute to those name boards of Shikara. I picked few from many and recreated them.